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Collected experiences, methods and practices that still work well in marketing decades later. Nothing groundbreaking. Procedures I use every day to get the best out of my websites and strategies. Just best practices.


An opinion requires a lot of energy to change.


Consumer chooses the most expensive “asymmetrically dominant” product. Lived price psychology. More info (german).

Attention to detail

Perfection is only revealed when even the smallest detail is in the ideal place.

Nice code

Frontend development isn’t really beautiful unless the code looks good.

Wine sales in Germany

Wine tasting: First wine tasting with a wine for 80 €. Then a wine for 5 €. The customer then buys a bottle of wine for 30 € without thinking.

Wine sales in Switzerland

wine tasting: Wine tasting with a wine for CHF 80. The customer buys the bottle of wine for CHF 80 without thinking.

The fear of missing out

There is nothing worse for a human being than the fear of missing out.